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Microsoft Office Free Download

Microsoft Office is a suit of productivity and text-editing applications from Microsoft. It is probably the most famous software application in the world. It is a software that is installed on almost every desktop computer in the world. It would be very hard indeed to find a person that has never used some of the applications that are part of the Microsoft Office. You can try it's latest version for yourself by going to Microsoft Office Free Download web site.

Microsoft Office is arguably the second most successful software product that has Microsoft ever released, the first one being of course Windows. Office is also crucial part of Microsoft's business model, it brings in millions of dollars in revenue each year. Solid profits from selling the Office enabled Microsoft to take on more dangerous adventures, such as entering the video console market with XBOX. Windows and Office together form the core of Microsoft's business, they are what keeps Microsoft afloat as a profitable company.

Microsoft Office enables you to create text documents, spreadsheets and presentations and then easily share these documents with your friends or coworkers. Microsoft Office has been the number one word-processing software on the market for something like two decades and it continues to hold it's dominant position. There are of course many rivals, but none of them has the necessary cloud and publicity to beat Microsoft's Office.

The main advantage of Microsoft's competitors in this market is price, both Open Office and Google Docs are free. However, Microsoft has so far managed to keep the edge in terms of features and quality of user interface. Crucially, the Office is still the first choice of overwhelming majority of companies all around the world. Corporate market is absolutely crucial in this business, because it offers the highest profits. Firms like the reliability that Microsoft Office offers them. A key advantage of the Office over it's rivals is that people already know how to use it. Switching to a different software would require learning how to use a new interface, firms would have to retrain their staff which would be an additional cost to them. Therefore it makes sense to stick with what they know and can rely on.

However, there is one area where Microsoft Office seems to have a real weakness and that is online sharing and collaboration. Google Docs was designed from the beginning as an online service where files are saved “in the cloud”. There are some serious privacy issues associated with this approach, but it does enable users an extremely easy way to work on the same document with their colleagues.

Many people have been fearful of using these new tools, because they are afraid of losing control over where the files are stored. There is a possibility that Google's servers might be hacked or something else happening and people may gain access to sensitive information. Some people even see Google as a sort of Big Brother organisation, they don't like that Google accumulates so much information about them. However, it seems that the majority of people are slowly moving towards keeping files in the cloud.

Microsoft was first a bit slow to catch up, but in more recent versions it did manage to match functionality of Google Docs. You can now easily collaborate on a presentation or a spreadsheet with other people and you can save files in the cloud or at your hard drive. Therefore Microsoft Office is still the best word-processing software on the market.

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